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‘night comes to rest’

at last… here is some work. it didn’t feel like work too often.

‘Night comes to rest’

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tiny blue boxes - Night Comes To Rest - cover


it sounds like you’d expect it to sound. It’s a five-track collection, just under twenty minutes, and is a return to lo-fi, hissy, attic strums, whispers, piano, candles, footsteps… just us and what we do, recorded by our good friend Martyn Moss from the Brighton outfit Butterfly House.

It’s the culmination of quite a few years work; many many aborted songs and an attempt to trim every ounce of fat from the record, if not our fat selves. We traipsed off the path to do some electronic music in various forms, but felt now was the right time to explore this side of us again, and we hope you like it. There’s a new project in the works too, which we’re also excited about showing you.

Thanks for listening. Here we are monkeying around.

southbank chalk in hand

laurie lives

2009 is a long time ago


from the vault

the vault is small

interweb 3.0



we’ve finally realised it’s 1996 and joined the ‘internet’.

at the minute there’s not much here, but you can click up top to waste your money in the store, listen to us on soundcloud, and check out if we’re playing pop concerts at any of the rollerdiscos near you.

it’s not all instragram and ‘minidiscs’ though. we’ll have a new album for you…. soon. ish.

if you’ve accidentally clicked on this site in your quest for genuinely small, blue storage containers, may we suggest visiting this link.

love always,

matthew and zo